A Day at the Park. . . .

There is a park called Arc Park here and it is autism-friendly. The entire thing is fenced in, which I absolutely love, so kids can run freely. The park is rather large, but it’s not easy to get lost in. Everything is in the open and it is a wonderful place to let children of all ages to release the energy us working adults wish we still had.

I take my little ones to that particular park often, so they can burn themselves out. After a couple of hours, we tend to call it quits. Normally when that time arrives, my two little ones decide they want o play tag and I am it, unknowingly to me. Once I catch them, the tantrums start. This has been the case for each time we have gone, except today! For the first time ever, they walked out of there without an episode. I was shocked but pleased at the same time. Maybe it was the heat or maybe they were tired, but I have hope that they are starting to understand what it means to leave. Maybe in their minds, they are starting to realize that if they leave today they can return another day. Smart.

People take for granted the little things. This may be very little to you, but this is very huge to me. This is one big step towards our outings becoming more smoother.


5 thoughts on “A Day at the Park. . . .

  1. Andrea Kae 💖 June 16, 2018 — 8:30 pm

    Aw, progress! I’m tearing up 😩


  2. This wa an awesome development!


  3. Wowwwww!!!! Progress is progress no matter how big or small!

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