Hump “Fourth” Day


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Hello Readers! I hope you had a great holiday!

My little ones and I do not normally go out for fireworks because of the noise, but I wanted to see if this time would be different. Because my son has a sensory processing disorder, he is sensitive to a lot of things involving his senses. Someone with this order could either be under sensitive or overly sensitive. My son is overly sensitive. This means that what is considered normal for us can hurt him.

Back to our holiday. . . . . .

We arrived at our location and I made sure to choose a location that was not near a lot of people. Even though there were so many people still there, our location had the perfect amount of people at that moment.

As the sun was starting to set, more people were coming in. I noticed that my daughter was getting a little antsy. When there are too many people around, she tends to get shy and eventually starts to cry. My son was trying to escape my grip. He was becoming very wiggly. Both of my kids’ behaviors started less than ten minutes of being at the location.

I get asked often, “why don’t you let your kids wear earmuffs or headphones”? Well, my daughter doesn’t have a sensory processing disorder. She is okay with normal touch, sounds, etc. My son does not like anything touching his head or face. This means that the moment you come near him and he believes you are aiming for his face or head, he will put up the biggest fight or have an overall meltdown. So, no, earmuffs and headphone will not work.

Back to the story. . . . .

As the sun began to set, the crowd began to grow. I am already packing our things to head back to the car because both of my little ones are starting to become agitated. My daughter is whining and my son is bouncing up and down. He also begins to whine and covers his ears with hands.  He is also starting to rock back and forth. When he does this, that means something bigger is about to happen, like a meltdown.  At this point, we can no longer stay at the location.

As we get in the car, my daughter calms down, but my son is still whining with his hands over his ears. The drive home got better, the further we got from the fireworks location. They were able to see the fireworks in the sky, but being amongst the crowd and all the noise was a no-go.

Just another day. . . . . .



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