CBD Oils

Happy Monday Readers! Remember to always keep a positive mindset.

I would like to share something with you all. I have heard many stories about how some oil products could help alleviate some symptoms of autism. Of course, there are always the positives and negatives that come with the territory, but I have heard and seen more positives when using the oils.

Now, the oils I am referring to are the CBD oils. CBD oils do contain cannabidiol, which is one of the chemicals found in a cannabis plant, but it does not contain a high level of THC.

My son has periods when he can be extremely hyper. It makes me feel like he should be diagnosed with ADHD because it does run on his paternal side of his family. His extreme hyperactive behavior is a lot to handle at times.

I heard about the CBD oils and I thought I would try it out. There are many variations that it comes in. There are gummies, drops, and sprays (that I am aware of.) I am sure there are more, but for a toddler, I was not looking for everything. There were flavors such as vanilla, cherry, and grape. I did purchase the vanilla flavored spray because the gummies were sold out.

The instructions were to spray twice under the tongue and let it sit for 60 seconds. If that was not possible, two sprays into WATER only would suffice. This could be done once or twice a day.

My first try with my son and this spray was very interesting. It’s always a fight to get anything in his mouth that he is not used to, which is why I wanted to try the gummies, but eventually I tricked him into letting me spray the CBD oil in his mouth. He hated of course, but soon after I started to monitor him.

After about an hour or so, I started to see a change in his behavior. He wasn’t as hyper, which is what I wanted, but he just seemed to drag his feet. He went from being at a 100 level to about a 25. He was still interactive, but at a much slower pace. There were moments of him just putting his head on the seat of a chair and just laying there for minutes just kicking his leg. Or, he would walk along the wall and just drag his finger. The whole thing was weird.

It did the job that I wanted it to do, which was to calm him down, but I didn’t want it to completely shut him down the way it did. He went from being extremely goofy to being extremely fatigued-like.

In my opinion, I don’t like what I saw with the CBD oil, but of course each experience is different. Needless to say, I discarded the rest of what was left.

Have you ever tried or know someone who has tried the CBD oils? What was the experience like? 

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