Oh Famille



Bonjour Readers and Happy Monday! I hope your weekend wasn’t as wet as mine.

I have a question for you. Since having your child’s diagnosis of ASD, have you noticed a change in certain family members’ behaviors? Once the “label” has been placed people started to change, right? Even with that “label”, the child is still the same before the “label” was placed, but family members do not really seem to care. all they see is DIFFERENT.

People (and this does include family) can be so cold-hearted when it comes to something that is outside of what they are normally used to seeing. My comments are more towards adults and I say this because a child’s behavior is always learned from those that are close to them. with that being said, a child’s behavior can easily be changed.

There are certain members that have developed a change of heart when it comes to my little ones. Before their diagnosis, everything was fine. They were aware that something may have been going onto cause them to act differently, but their encounters with them never changed. Now that the “label” of ASD has been placed on them, the stares have begun, and the interactions have become less.

As an adult, if something new comes your way what is the first thing you should do? What does common sense tell you to do?  DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Understanding is better than assuming.

If you choose not to understand my kids and how they are working to take over autism and not let autism take over them, then you do not need to be around them.


1 thought on “Oh Famille

  1. Andrea Kae 💖 August 2, 2018 — 8:09 pm

    I can definitely agree with you on that about where children’s behavior is learned from.

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